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To be completely honest with you, with a name like Diet To Go, we weren’t expecting a whole lot. We figured it was going to be another meal delivery company where we ordered a bunch of meals with tiny portions and bland flavors. To our surprise, that was not the case at all.

Diet to Go offers a huge variety of pre-made meals delivered to your door that cater to Keto, Low Carb, Diabetic or Balanced diets.

In this Diet to Go review, we are going to look at the flavors, cost and structure of their keto meal plan, one of their most popular plans.

Are Diet to Go Keto Meals Actually Tasty?

Let’s talk about the most important aspect of this Diet To Go review, the taste!

We were actually very impressed with some of the meals from them. They were all very filling and full of flavor. The Chicken Parmesan and Turkey BBQ melts were two of our favorites.

We would definitely consider ordering from this brand again just for those meals alone. They have so many other options in their various menus that we would like to try as well.

A few of the meals missed the mark for us because they just aren’t our taste preference. It honestly wasn’t that they were bad meals though, just that we didn’t like those foods. The Turkey and Mashed Potatoes were a good example of this. That type of comfort food appeals to lots of people, but we’re just not big fans of.

As for quality, the freshness of the fruits and vegetables was excellent. The only complain on any of the food quality we had were the breads. They were a bit stale and unappealing. Everything else was very good.

Is Diet to Go Easy to Use?

Diet to Go delivers ready to eat meals to your door. How much easier than that can it get? You can decide when you want your meals delivered. Maybe you want them during the week and not on weekends, it’s up to you. On top of this, you also get the option to skip certain weeks if you’re away from home for example.

Diet To Go also gives you access to a health coach to help you not only take control of your eating with their delicious meals but to also make life changes so that you reach your goals even faster.

All you need to do is choose your desired meal plan, choose your delivery/pick up option, and wait.

Deliciousness will arrive to you in less than a week’s time.

If you believe what people are saying about Diet to Go and their great weight loss focus then this is a great choice for you.

Cost of Diet To Go

There are many different options that will affect the price of your meal plan. First you need to make sure that your area is eligible for delivery. Then you need to choose your plan from balance, keto-carb 30, vegetarian, and balance diabetes.

If you choose to have the meals delivered to your door it costs $9.99 per delivery. You can choose to get meals for 5 days of the week or 7. You can choose to get 2 meals a day or 3. The more meals you get per week, the cheaper they are per meal.

The price of the meals range from $9.52 to $15.80 depending on the menu and quantity you choose.

The Keto menu costs a bit more than the other menus. Check out the Diet To Go pricing for yourself.

The Final Word

The nutrition with Diet-To-Go is tighter with fewer calories.

When comparing it to other companies in the same space, the taste of Diet To Go is much better.

If you are looking to order a prepared meal delivery to help with loosing weight, then definitely give Diet to Go a try. They have a wide variety of meals to choose from, and we absolutely loved some of the meals we tried.

To sum things up with this Diet To Go review, we would say that we were impressed and would order it again.

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