Known as the classic low-carb diet, The Atkins Diet is a powerful lifetime approach to successful weight loss. Followers of The Atkins Diet enjoy ample amounts of fruits, proteins and vegetables – however, many dietitians are against the extreme lack of carbs. In fact, almost all carbs are excluded on the eating plan.

The right carbs aka ‘healthy carbs’ are a great source of energy as they help followers complete daily tasks, maintain a good mood and lower LDL cholesterol. Cutting out carbs is neither feasible or beneficial which is why The Atkins Diet only removes refined carbs like white sugar and flour. If you’re easily able to wave bye to sourdough and pasta then this diet could definitely be the one for you.

However, if waving bye to most carbs isn’t your thing then check out these 5 popular alternatives to The Atkins Diet.


Noteworthy Features:

– You don’t need to cook each meal

– It’s a great healthy eating plan for diabetics

– Flexible as it incorporates all elements of your lifestyle

One of the most time consuming aspects of dieting is the preparation and cooking of meals. Whether you’ve a busy work schedule, young kids or simply dislike cooking then odds are you won’t have time to prepare three meals per day. NutriSystem eases this burden by delivering full prepared meals to your door.

Like other popular diets, NutriSystem works by targeting your glycemic index which monitors how unhealthy carbs affects your blood sugar level. However, unlike other diets (ie. The Atkins Diet) this one actually lets you eat lots of fruit, vegetables and healthy carbs. This undoubtedly is one of the most popular reasons why people love NutriSystem.

Another key benefit is the fact this diet plan takes your health, lifestyle and personal details into consideration. NutriSystem does this by calculating your daily recommended values for each type of food and then creates a meal plan specially tailored for you. Plus, you can even use their modern NuMi app to incorporate devices like a Fitbit into your plan.  This means you can also monitor your daily steps, heart rate and sleeping patterns in conjunction with what you eat.

Finally, it’s worth being aware of the free support group available to all followers. It’s suited more to those ready to come off the Nutristystem pre-made meals as it’s full of information on how to maintain a healthy diet and of course, how to keep those shed pounds off.


Noteworthy Features:

– Helps fight heart disease

– You can eat more fruits and carbs than other diets

– A great all-round option for weight loss

While The South Beach Diet is similar to The Atkins Diet, it doesn’t heavily restrict your intake of carbs. In fact, the biggest attraction to this eating plan is the fact you can eat a great balance of carbs, fats and proteins. Not only is this healthier than extreme restrictive diets, it’s easily maintained as you consume valuable nutrients from fruits and carb-rich vegetables.

However, it’s worth knowing that followers need to cutback on their fat intake. Foods like butter and fatty meats should be limited in favour of nutrient-rich omega 3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fat found in olive oil and canola oil. That being said, you can still enjoy healthy fats (in moderation) like avocados and nuts.

If you’re in need of a healthier life with a balanced diet, then The South Beach Diet could suit nicely.


Noteworthy Features:

– Created by Medical Doctors

– No need to cook as BistroMD consists of 3 catered meals per day

Like The Atkins Diet, Bistro MD’s eating plan consists of high levels of protein and low levels of carbs. However, that’s as far as the similarities go. With BistroMD you won’t need to cook at home as you get 3 catered meals per day. Alternatively, you can opt for another plan that comes with meals on fewer days so you can cook on the weekends or spend less on the pre-made meals.

Another huge perk is the fact the meals are frozen – all you have to do is heat them up and eat. All meals are individually packed and the variety is huge including snacks, breakfast items and full savoury meals.

Finally, what’s arguably the biggest selling point is the fact this diet does not feel like a diet. For example, after breakfast time you can enjoy a high-protein shake and look forward to a tasty snack in the afternoon all while eating three regular meals. Plus, it’s a well known fact that the pre-made meals are delicious making the BistroMD journey to weight loss convenient, easy and enjoyable.

If that’s not enough to tempt you, then it’s worth knowing celebrity experts like Dr. Phil and Jillian Michaels of The Biggest Loser recommend it.


Noteworthy Features:

– You can eat an unlimited amount of fruit and vegetables

– No extreme restrictions

– Many high fiber foods are encouraged

The Mayo Clinic Diet promotes a reasonable high-carb lifestyle. In fact, it even promotes carbs more than protein. As the official diet recommended by the Mayo Clinic, many people enjoy it because you can eat unlimited vegetables and fruits (min. Of 3 or 4 respectively) and a mixture of proteins, fats and carbs.

Unlike The Atkins Diet, this eating plan comes with no extreme restrictions making a great option for carb lovers. In fact, many followers of this diet have lost a lot of weight and maintained their goal weight because it became a lifestyle rather than a restrictive short-term diet.

If you’re searching for a diet that promotes healthier eating habits that are manageable in the long-term, this The Mayo Diet is seriously worth considering.


Noteworthy Features:

– Recommended by over 20,000+ Doctors

– Meals are tasty and nutritionally balanced

– Program is Easy to Follow

If you struggle with restrictive eating and prefer regular meals then the Medifast Diet could tick your boxes. Why? Well, on this plan you get 6 meals per day and followers tend to maintain their goal weight which makes it a great long-term option. Unlike The Atkins Diet you won’t feel as limited as you’re free to eat carbs, fats and tasty snack items.

That being said, if you’re a fan of cooking then this probably isn’t the diet for you. 5 of your 6 meals per day consist of Medifast pre-made foods/meals and the final 6th meal is to be cooked at home. The homemade meal consists of lean protein and non-starch vegetables. Plus, you can eat it at any time of the day.

When followers hit their target weight they gradually move from premade Medifast foods to homemade options. In this final stage fats, starchy vegetables, dairy, fruits and whole grain carbs are introduced.

Again, it’s very much about learning to change your lifestyle for long-term maintained weight loss. If you fancy a flexible diet with tailored plans to fit around your dietary preferences – Medifast could be a great solution.

Now we’ve rounded up six great alternatives to The Atkins Diet, it’s worth remembering diets can be easy, flexible and sustainable. That being said, don’t deprive your body of important nutrients. It might cause short-term weight loss but it will also cause long-term damage to your health.

Finally, with so many options to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a healthy eating plan that suits your lifestyle, health requirements and taste buds. From the convenience of NutriSystem to the flexibility of The South Beach Diet or even the varied medical approved Bistro MD Diet – the options are endless.


DISCLAIMER: The information featured on our site is based on research, but should not be treated as medical advice. We recommend that you consult with your physician or other professional healthcare provider before beginning any new diet plan. Please be aware that results may vary based on your health, adherence to the meal plan you choose, and other factors.